Bachelorette Party Planning its Rules and Requirements

Bachelorette Party Planning Guide

A bachelorette party planning is as important as a planning of a wedding itself because it is a longstanding tradition which has its own rules and requirements. It is held for a woman who is about to be married and common for English-speaking countries where is named also hen party or hen night.

First, it was a dinner given by a groom for his friends before the wedding. In 60s, thanks to the sexual revolution, it became popular to organize a holiday in honor of a bride-to-be and gave a possibility to demonstrate sexual freedom and gender quality. These days, hen night is a women holyday where they trade intimate secrets, get drunk and enjoy male striptease.

Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

There are some ways to plan a bachelorette party. The bride’s friends, her bridesmaid or fiancé herself can undertake the organization. Much advice in different sites will help you to create a really unforgettable girls’ getaway. It is also the possibility to address specialists. Whatever is your choice,there are several main points to keep in mind. So we offer a short bachelorette party planning guide to make your farewell with singlehood awesome

The event is mainly held in the evening, about a week or several days before the wedding and includes a dinner and different entertainments. It is common to share the cost among the participants. Typically, only the closest friends are invited. The first step to make the evening successful is to know what the bride has in mind. It is very nice to have a key theme and to offer the guests to support it with suits or other way. The activity must be interesting for all the guests and the venue must be easy to get. It is good to choose the place and to book it beforehand to avoid surprises. The bachelorette party planning checklist of guests and fun should come from the bride-to-be.

Such are the most important moments. Look for more details and enjoy!

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