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17 Creative Backyard Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

Party Games Adults Outdoor

Outdoor party games during a picnic will ensure you a good mood. Well-chosen games will be undoubtedly the highlight of the holiday and will be remembered for a long time, leaving only positive emotions and impressions.

Funny outdoor party gameslike: “Maternity hospital” and “Changed places!” will create a positive atmosphere anywhere. After all, eight, ten, and even twenty players can play in these games. The more players take a part in adults outdoor party games than the merrier it will be.

Child Party Games Outdoor

“Maternity hospital”. All participants are divided into pairs: M and W. Beyond the pair – only the Leader, all the men in the game – the newborn mother, all women – fathers. The game simulates a situation where the mother standing behind the closed window trying to report standing in the street fathers details of a baby. Accordingly they do not hear each other – can use only gestures.Time is limited – for example, one minute.

Outdoor games for partieslike “Changed places!” very simple. The players sit on a chair (which is one less than the participants) in a circle. The Leader declares: “swapped positions all who …” – it can be called anything from “one blue eye” to “who had more than ten lovers” or “who likes blonds (blond)”, “who is not wearing a thong” … the longer the game, the frank questions.

“Snowflakes” – everyone in the company has “snowflake” – small lumps of cotton wool. Participants blow to their “snowflake” trying to keep it as long as possible in the air. The winner is the one whose snowflake will fall the last on the floor.

Preschool Party Games Outdoors

“Swamp” – equipment: a few pieces of cardboard. First you need to designate a certain area on the ground. Boundaries can be designated by stones, dry branches, or bottles. This is a swamp, which the participants will be possible to cross quickly, stepping from a hummock to a hummock. The two pieces of cardboard in the hands of each player, the player will move ahead using paper and trying not to fall into the “swamp”.

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