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Best party games during a lunch break just necessary for rebooting spirits and boosting morale. It is better if your colleagues take a part in this case: first of all it is always fun with a company, and secondly there will be someone who covers your back if unexpectedly a big boss comes who does not understand the office sport.

Best office party gamescan be divided on: a team or a game for pairs; with using tables or another office equipment (paper, chairs, etc). Best funny party games can make a real team of friends among colleagues. Table hockey is a serious game for which even international tournaments are held. So, who knows, maybe the game at lunchtime will soon help you to become the pros and then you say farewell “white collar”. Create a team and start your office Championship. And the attraction of accounting will create a sweepstakes where particularly successful can earn another award.

Best Stag Party Games

Office basketballdoes not require special tools and skills. Instead of a basketball hoop – baskets for rubbish, instead of a ball – crumpled paper. You can diversify the process just putting a few baskets at different distances. The further hit gets the more points.

Best party card gamesfor office include: Solitaire (Solitaire is not limited to its primitive species. In fact, there are several hundreds); Preference (it is a play with a rich history, with its code of honor, ethics and other additional rules. Here it is all about skill, logic, memory, calculation, strategy); Bridge (one of the toughest and the most respected games in the world. It combines the most complex strategic elements. Bridge has always been compared to chess. Anyone who masterfully plays Bridge can beat any other game. No wonder that many successful poker players come from Bridge (often indulge in it with friends, and even take part in tournaments).

Best Graduation Party Games

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