10 Awesome Party Games for Kids: Kid Approved Classics!

Easy Party Games for Kids

Easy party games should be useful for kids, develop attention and speed of reaction. Well, what a child does not like games and competitions, especially if they are part of a holiday?!

Easy kids party games help parents not to panic during holidays. There is one very popular game – “Winnie-the-Pooh”:2 teams are chosen for 1 person from the team, anchors the balls on a child (it can be complicated – first to inflate, and then to tie). The team that tied for a limited time more balls will be the winner.

Easy Party Game Ideas

“Surprise”and “Favourite tales” are fun easy games for parties. “Surprise”: a rope pulls across the room, a variety of small prizes are tied on it. Children take a pair of scissors and blindly cut a prize for yourself. “Favourite tales”: the facilitator should prepare more quotes of the most popular children’s fairy tales. Seat children in a circle, he explains that they have to guess from which tale these words. Who guessed receives token. Who will have more medals that recognized as a winner, and he will be awarded the medal “Fairy tales expert.”

Easy kid birthday party games: “Aliens” (equipment: large inflatable balls and markers. Children are explained that they have in their hands the universe with planets, where absent people. Each participant has to “settle” humans on their “planet”. The winner on whose ball-drawn creatures would be more. Can be given a prize for the most original alien); “Colored children” (this competition is carried out at the beginning of the holiday that little kids can get to know each other. The leader embeds all the guys at the table, and then offers to stand up to anyone who has a blue color on their cloth. And who raises should give his name and explain who he is for the birthday boy. The leader then calls the next color, and so on. Make sure that every child were you involved).

Easy Holiday Party Games

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