Cool Temporary Tattoos Like Real Ones

Cool Temporary Tattoos

Cool temporary tattoos are the same in appearance as the real ones. The most important difference between them is that it is not permanent, but it is done only for a certain time.

Such body decorations have some advantages. If you can’t determine whether you want to have on your body such decoration for life or not, cool temporary tattoos for adults will help you to make this decision. It is a good option to be different every day. Today you have a butterfly on your shoulder and tomorrow you have the words “my life is my rules” on your arm.

Cool Temporary Tattoo Ideas

There are several types of cool temporary tattoos:

1. Tattoos, which are made of henna. They can decorate your body from one day to a week. They are unstable to water. Figures made of henna are the most unexpansive ones. Their only drawback is considered to be the monophonic both in colour and design.

2. Another type of such kind of body decorations is the one, which is made with the help of chemical paint. This type is considered to be the most expensive. They can stay on your body for a month or a couple of years. In this case, everything will depend directly on the kind of a paint. If you want to remove it, it can be washed with a special composition. Their main advantage is iridescence.

Cool Temporary Tattoo Ideas

3. Temporary tattoos that are made with the help of biological paint are also popular. They are usually decorate your body for several days or same months. Of course, the paint, which is used in this case, is of natural origin. Thus, it is considered to be completely safe. The price is the same as for the one, which is made of henna.

Cool places to put temporary tattoos are: back, hip, collarbone, the lower belly, shoulders, arms and legs.

5 Photos of the Cool Temporary Tattoos Like Real Ones

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