Steps How to Make Temporary Tattoos

Make Own Temporary Tattoo

Almost every person dreams or has ever dreamt to have a tattoo, but not everyone has enough courage to make it forever, so many people make temporary tattoos.

If you want to make your own temporary tattoos, first you need to decide on the application technique, and only then proceed to action. Of course, the most popular and simple technique is to use henna. In addition, the drawing itself will look very original and unusual.

How Do You Make Temporary Tattoos

There are some steps how to do it:

  • Choose henna carefully and do not forget that a simple paint for hair is not suitable in this case. You need light green powder of fine-ground;
  • Before you apply the paste, it is necessary to remove hair from the selected area;
  • Henna is put on the body with the help of a stencil plate or a thin brush. Try to make as thick layer as possible, without damaging the general outline of the image, because the brightness will be stronger if the base layer of the henna is thicker. On average, you need to wait from one to two hours until the paint is dry;
  • Lemon juice is good as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

But many people choose other ways, which allow a realistic image, rich shades of bright and colorful transitions. So, how do you make temporary tattoos? There are also aerotattoos, bio, glitter and crystal tattoos.

There are some ways how make temporary tattoos last longer:

Make Custom Temporary Tattoos
  1. Do not moisten it in the first days after the application;
  2. Do not rub the pattern with a washcloth during water treatment;
  3. Use mild cleanser without soap, because alkali are quickly washed away the glue and paint;
  4. Apply it on the place, which do not come into contact with straps, buttons, elastic bands dress and belt;
  5. Do not go in for active sports, because body perspiration provokes rapid disappearance of the picture.

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