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If you make a gorgeous birthday celebration, don’t forget about pirate party games.All little kids will enjoy to find buried treasure, walk the plank and make pirate telescopes! You can involve your child to create different games for his/her party. Be sure that little kids will be fond of swashbuckling. Such celebration doesn’t need to be rough and wild. First of all you should create invitations printed out on special paper. You can make them as a puzzle if you tear all of them into large piece and then put into envelopes. Every little guest has to open it and put together all pieces to read it. Don’t forget about decorations, use classic black, white and red colours. When kids came they will want to play and eat. So you should think well about great pirate party games for kids. Try a wonderful game Hungry Shark! It gonna be favourite for your kids. You will need one plastic jump rope, three bags full of pieces of newspapers, a box with picture of shark. Create a large hole; it’ll be the shark’s mouth. Put the box on the table, then mark the lines a few cm from the fish. Ask each child does he/she want to feed a shark. The children have to stand behind this line and throw the little balls into the hole (shark’s mouth). Then give each of them a little prize for playing this game. They will be happy. Then you can propose them another great game Capture the flag. You need a big room or the children can play it in the yard. The kids have to create two teams. Each team will defend own flag and to capture the enemy’s flag. Be sure they gonna have a lot of fun playing this game. Your son or daughter will spend a great time in pirate party games kids!

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