FREE Printable Pirate Party Invitations Template

Free Printable Pirate Party Invitations

If you’re planning to organize a great birthday’s celebration for your little kid, so you will need your own pirate party invitations! It’s a perfect way to involve your child in this process. There are a lot of variants and examples how to do them. So ask your children what invitation they like to create. For example, you can print it on special paper, then tear into large pieces and put into the envelopes. The little guests should put together all pieces of it to read the information about the celebration. There is another great way to create mermaid and pirate party invitations. You should make paper like old. Use coffee or tea and then dry the paper. It will have a real antique look. After that roll it up and push this great paper inside a bottle. It’s better to use the plastic bottles because the glass bottles could damage the little kids. Don’t forget to close the top with a cork. If you want to give it authenticity put shells and sand into each plastic bottle. May be your children will choose to create treasure map. In this case you will need not big white cardboard. Ask your kids to draw on it the treasure map with the information about the birthday. Write the start and end time and the direction of your house, what the little guests should bring (for example, swimming suits if you have a pool or pirate costumes), etc. If you haven’t time to create your own invitations, don’t worry because you can find a lot of the pictures in the websites and download one of them.  Don’t forget about gorgeous decorations and great meal for little pirates. Your house should look like a real pirate ship! So we are sure that with pirate party invitations printable free your little kid will have a great birthday!

Pirate Party Invitations Template

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