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Spa Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Often teenagers, decided to make a spa party, face a lack of spa birthday party ideas. The easy way is to have everything ordered, thus you need only money. Choosing another path is to create a feast for yourselves on your own. That requires not only money but also time. Nevertheless, it should be exciting because you can involve friends in the process so that the fun will be before and during the party.

First step would be location – if you can afford a spa for you and small group of friends, that will allow to avoid the most part of work. Otherwise, arrange homemade party, which is also relaxing and exciting. Besides recreating spa procedures is a quite easy task – only desire is needed. By the way, such ideas is suitable for spa birthday party ideas for 13 year olds and for older teenagers as well.

Spa Day Birthday Party Ideas

Therefore, willing to have the place looking like beauty salon, it will be good to create different stations for all available care procedures. Talking about décor and favors make them as relaxing as possible. Turn on music and dim the lights, place flowers. Place welcome signs and candles if you wish. Another step is invitations – beautiful, light and well-shaped – it would be better if they meet the party theme.

Activities part is aimed at entertainment as well as includes hair, body, hands and feet spa procedures. Of course, to have fun you need to arrange some contests, for example the fastest make up. Also it should be interesting to make care products from natural ingredients.

However, the scenario will not be full without food and drinks. Drinks can be different – juice, sparkling water, non-alcoholic cocktails. Food also may be various – from pizza to luxurious desserts. Ideas for spa birthday party cake stand apart a little, just try to make chocolate Face Mask Cake and it will become an unforgettable part of that day.

Spa Birthday Party Cake Ideas

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