Teenage Party Games for Much Fun

Birthday Party Games Teenager

Teenage party games are connected with music, dance, cinema, sports. The boys and many girls do not mind upon moving and even sports. Of course, it will entice them all to do things connected with themselves and with the birthday boy.

Games for teenage parties like “Dumb students” or “Do not expect?” are very useful. “Dumb students” – the Lead offers participants to take a piece of paper. There can be written a quote from fairy tales, proverbs and songs strings.

Great Teenage Party Games

The aim of the game is that the participant tries to show the meaning with a help of gestures (trying as accurately as possible to convey the meaning to be understood by the audience). Those who will be able convey the meaning of a given phrase the quickest those win this competition.

“Do not expect?” – all participants are divided into teams of 3-5 people (depending on number of guests). The Leader invites all to show their creativity – to sing a song, to dance, to read a verse.

Games without certain rules and requirements like: “Texas Rangers” (a battle with water pistols); “Who has more?” (a game – to blow the biggest bubble); twister and darts are funny teenage party games.

Teenage Party Games Flirty

Hilarious teenage party games as “Crumpled paper” or “As in the army” are very popular. Rules: participant takes unfolded newspaper. Holding it for the tip, according to the signal you should start to crease it, using just the hand that is holding the newspaper. You can not help with other hand. The winner is the one who first raises the crumpled newspaper.

“As in the army”. Everyone with close eyes should make a line according to their growth. Next task becomes more complicated, and in turn are the first letter of the name, date of birth, eye color and other features.

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